Sport Fishing

We offer morning and afternoon fishing trips, all fishing equipment is provided for you. All allotted times are from departure and return to dock rated. Things included in these prices are as follows: fuel for the boat,bait if needed, all fishing gear needed for the outing, and all the fun you can handle for up to six anglers. Tours will vary from Lake St. Clair to Lake Erie depending on what you wish to fish. Rainbow Trout and Walleye generally being on Lake Erie, and Musky being on Lake St. Clair. Perch can be caught on both lakes.

*May be subject to a fuel surcharge pending fuel prices.*

*Fish cleaning is also available at an additional cost of $3.00 a fish ( cleaned & bagged).*

Duck Hunting

Southwestern Ontario feeds migrating waterfowl from the Mississippi and Atlantic flyways. Lake St Clair and it vast surrounding marshes are an important major rest area for more than 1 million migrating ducks and geese as they stage here awaiting their final push to southern wintering areas. There is never a lack of both diver ducks and puddlers as they will stay in the area so long as food and open water is available. The region itself is a significant producer of puddler ducks and teal offering early season hunters exceptional gunning. Canada geese, Canvas Backs, Red Heads and Blue Bills flourish in the area abundantly throughout the season. Quality waterfowl hunts are available until the second week of January. Crooked Hook is prepared with cover boats, sneak boats, layout boats and all the necessary decoys and gear at ready to take you on a waterfowl dream hunt.

*Duck cleaning is also available at an additional cost of $5.00 a duck ( cleaned & bagged).*